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Consumer rights and information

This section details a number of common problems that consumers experience and possible preventions and remedies. You can find a brief summary of each of the topics covered in this section below.

Right to cancel a consumer agreement

When you buy goods or a service, you're entering into a contract with a supplier. This contract can't be broken without good reason. However, there are some circumstances that you can break the contract – see this section to find out more.


Advertising is a vital way for businesses to get new customers. However, consumers need to watch out for misleading adverts. This section looks at how to complain if you come across misleading advertisements.

Guarantees and warranties

You may be offered a guarantee when you buy certain goods (for example electrical goods) or when you pay for services such as building work. This section looks at the type of guarantees and warranties that exist, how they work and what to look out for if you have a guarantee or warranty.

Internet shopping

The increasing availability of the internet and digital TV means that it's now even easier to shop without leaving your home. This section gives advice on what to look out for when paying for goods and services online.

Scams & counterfeit goods

Every day people throughout the UK are falling victim to a scam of one kind or another. These scams come in different forms - letters, email, telephone calls and text messages. Learn how to protect yourself against these types of scams and what action to take if you have fallen victim to one yourself.

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