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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Building work and coronavirus

In this section you'll find information and updates related to coronavirus that are relevant to the law on building work.

The UK's response to coronavirus is changing regularly and often very quickly. While we'll continue to make every effort to keep this page up to date, there may be short periods where what you read here is not the latest information available. Where possible we've tried to provide links to official sources, so you can check the current situation.

Engaging tradespeople

If your household is isolating, tradespeople should not enter your home unless the work is an emergency repair – that means something that poses a risk to the household if left unfixed (e.g. a water leak or an unsafe structure).

Apart from that, there are no restrictions on people working in your home. However, it's still a good idea to follow the latest government safety advice.

Cancelling jobs and consumer rights issues

Coronavirus won't necessarily give you or the builder the right to cancel any agreement that you have in place.

Due to the pandemic and its effects on the ability to complete building work in the normal way and within the normal timescales, there will potentially be many disputes. Contractual obligations that are likely to come under pressure include:

  • the supplier's ability to complete contracts on time;
  • your ability to make payments on time; and
  • suppliers claiming that they're experiencing a situation 'outside their control' (i.e. a Force Majeure), requiring extensions of completion and performance dates.

See our section on Before building work starts for more on building contracts, and our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Complaints and disputes section for information on your consumer rights.

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