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How it works

Desktop Lawyer®: a brand new concept - but built on professional reputations earned over many years...

The concept is simple - and, we hope you'll agree we couldn't have made this any easier, more convenient or better value.

  • You get access to free information through our easy to understand law guide;
  • Can draft any document without even registering using our 'Try Before You Buy' feature;
  • After payment the document is yours to use, and is securely stored online in your own account. You can revisit it, print or download it and edit it at will.

Step by step

  1. Select the document you need
  2. Securely draft your document online at a time convenient for you by answering our straightforward questionnaire, and watch as the first draft of your document appears
  3. Securely access your document online, ready for printing and with full instructions for signing