The Desktop Lawyer free trial feature allows you to see for yourself how your legal document will take shape. You can test out any of our documents for yourself: watch them automatically draft themselves onscreen and see them change as you add more information. All free trial documents will have some parts of the text obscured, and you won't be able to print your document, but you can complete a full draft and even save it for later.

There are no fees or obligations associated with a free trial - we just want you to see how easy Desktop Lawyer is to use and how powerful the software is - but if you do decide to purchase the documents, the obscured text will be revealed. You can then further edit the document and, with a Solicitor serviced document, submit it for legal review by one of our top law firms, who will amend your document as necessary and ensure that it matches your circumstances before approval.

Desktop Lawyer free trials are simple to use, with no costs or catches, so why not try out a document now?